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Вилла 2+1 в Стамбуле, Турция

Продажа 312 838
ID объекта недвижимости: te26072023-22480
roomsКомнат: 2+1
bathroomsВанных: 1
squareПлощадь: 126 м²
Близко к центру города
Красивый вид
Престижный район
Экологический район
Особые качества
Спотовый свет на потолке
Подогрев пола в ванной
Подогрев пола в комнатах
Металлическая дверь
Счетчик на воду
Счетчик на электричество
Оборудованные ванные комнаты
Американская кухня
Элитная недвижимость
Комфорт класс плюс
Устан. сист. умного дома
Пожарная лестница
Отдельные записи
Светодиодное освещение
Посудомоечная машина
Услуги по уборке дома
Внутренние стены окрашены
Декоративный потолок
Внутренняя инфраструктура
Тревожная кнопка
Отопительная система
Внутренний бассейн
Турецкая баня
Внешняя инфраструктура
Детская площадка
Разрешено с животными
Зеленый сад

Our valley is located the same distance to all three airports,including the new one. You can choose whichever you want.

It’s only a six-kilometer drive from the highway and only 15-minutes to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. You are close to the city,but away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. The valley is located close to key transportation channels such as the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and the Northern Ring Motorway.

Both the city and nature are located right at your feet.

Mother Nature and You

The valley also includes arable lands,where you can plant seeds,cultivate plants,and enjoy the delicious taste of your crops that you harvest working hand in hand with nature. This area includes a gastronomy and degustation center,a permaculture club,a greenhouse,an organic cafe,training parterres,farming areas,and a poultry house.

Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides abundance for all living things. The project offers a design that integrates human with nature for a sustainable life that provides food,energy,shelter and all other needs.

In this club,you will perform agricultural research,receive training,recycle organic wastes,process the products you collect and showcase your harvest in the market.

The seeds that you carefully plant will sprout and become seedlings. Invest in nature for the sake of your future. Does it get any more enjoyable and relaxing than that?

From cool waters to brand new dreams

A lake where you can enjoy the warm feeling of sand and explore the hidden treasures of life. Right across from your villa. You can jump right into the water,washing away all your stress. This is where your dreams come to life.

It’s time to let go of all the chaos of the city and dive into the cool water! There are no limits to what you can do in the Valley of Dreams. You can enjoy the surf or if you want,canoeing. After all,excitement revolves around the Valley of Dreams.

It’s like a valley of sports and sports

The key to living a sustainable and healthy life. The greatest way of being one with nature. You can enjoy all kinds of sports activities in the fields surrounding the valley. You can play or do all kinds of sports including basketball,table tennis,tennis,archery and so on.

Water becomes your daily companion in this valley

Taking inspiration from the motto:“Water Is Life”,we wanted to offer you a living space filled with bodies of water. So,we designed a biological pond that complements the lagoon. We designed our biological pond to be fed with natural water coming from the canals that surround the valley. There will be piers,walkways,and orchards around the pond.

A biological pond contains beneficial bacteria and plants that clear up the pond water without using any chemicals. Our main goal is to maintain the clarity and cleanliness of the water without disturbing the balance of nature.

You will admire the balance of nature

After the biological pond,a grassland and meadow area welcomes the residents of the Valley of Dreams. Passing through the walking paths,you’ll find a place where sheep and goats graze,butterflies fly,birds chirp among colorful flowers,and all living things live in unique harmony. You’ll meet a world that is located in the city but has nothing to do with its hustle and bustle.

Find your inner peace

A grove you can only reach by passing through the reeds and seedling areas. And a mosque under the trees. This is where you will find inner peace.

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