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Квартира 1+1 в Стамбуле, Турция

Продажа € 329 476
ID объекта недвижимости: te26072023-22478
roomsКомнат: 1+1
bathroomsВанных: 1
squareПлощадь: 72 м²
Близко к автобусным остановкам
Близко к центру города
Близко к школе
Спотовый свет на потолке
Подогрев пола в ванной
Подогрев пола в комнатах
Престижный район
Экологический район
Первая линия
Вид на море
Вид на город
Металлическая дверь
Смешанно-раздельные комнаты
Встроенная сантехника
Счетчик воды
Счетчик на электричество
Американская кухня
Отдельная кухня
Элитная недвижимость
Комфорт класс плюс
Тревожная кнопка
Торговый центр
Крытая парковка
Разрешено с животными
Кондуктивная вода
Проводимое электричество
Кондуктивный газ
Вход для инвалидов
Отопительная система
Зал для пилатеса и йоги
Система умный дом
Пожарная лестница
Отдельные записи
Светодиодное освещение
Посудомоечная машина
Детская игровая комната
Услуги по уборке дома
Внутренние стены окрашены
Декоративный потолок
Жилой комплекс

The Cer İstanbul project will set a global example in fields such as proper restoration of historical buildings, erecting new structures in the city with a contemporary architectural approach and building with a sustainable design approach and it is designed precisely by taking into account features such as respecting the historical silhouette, relationships with ancient monuments and the spirit of the space.

The new glass facade buildings of Cer İstanbul have a contemporary and low-rise architecture and a building style that does not alter the silhouette; the historical buildings are completely restored and transformed into modern living spaces.

It has a timeless stance amidst history with its natural wood and stone details.

Besides the historical fabric, the beautiful blues and greens of the Marmara region add to the natural richness of the landscape.

Cer İstanbul is located on a total area of 40,000 m² and a majority of this project, namely 31,000 m² full of both natural and historical beauty, has been set aside for breathtaking, uniquely designed landscapes.

In every aspect, Cer İstanbul is one of the most unique projects ever launched in Istanbul, one of the most fabulous cities in the world, and it offers global value not just as a living space but also as an investment.

Cer İstanbul, planned as a holistic life concept, offers a delicious tasting experience created with refined flavors for the elite guests at the restaurants combining all the colors, energy and joy of the ancient city and provides a life full of all privileges.

Cer Garages, which were once used for maintenance and repair work of the trains, are now revived with a brand new life project; Cer İstanbul, and have become a center of attraction inspired by history with a sense of cultural sensitivity that might be sustained for centuries.

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