We provide a wide range of services in Turkey: from an introductory tour - when we meet you for the first time and spend some time together discussing and reviewing the details and answering your questions about the real estate property you are planning to buy - to assisting and supporting you along the way.

First and foremost, we ensure the legal “clearance” of the apartment: we provide analysis and review the registration records, legal paperwork, operating permits, and technical passports. Once the inspection is complete, we send documentation to cadastral department and local administrative authorities. Within a short period of time you will obtain the TAPU – the certificate of title. Our collaboration with you doesn’t stop here.

We will be ready to provide you with other services that will be required after your apartment purchase is finalized:
- Opening Energy and Water accounts for newly purchased property;
- If it’s a brand new apartment, all documentation must be in place to obtain a technical passport;
- Insuring the apartment from earthquakes (mandatory); other types of insurance are optional;
- Setting up a landline and the Internet connection at your request;
- Choosing and purchasing furniture, appliances, and other household goods that will make any home nice and cozy;
- Apartment cleaning after final commissioning or on any other day at your request;
- Apartment or villa repairs, upgrading the interior;
- Arranging transfer and purchasing tickets;
- Renting out your apartment;
- Greeting and accommodating your guests and relatives;
- Preparing your apartment for your arrival;

And these are just basic services that we provide while you are working or traveling.