Mercedes C 180

75 €

Redesigned Mercedes C-class sedan is a classic example of the German approach to engineering. This vehicle (year of manufacture 2014) has a first-class design, and it is equipped with a complete set of advanced electronics required for a comfortable, safe ride. It is an elegant and efficient model.

Driving performance
The moment this car rolled off the assembly line, it became the best-selling car in its family.
A reliable manual transmission and a turbocharged engine allow it to accelerate right away and hit a 100-km p/h mark in just 9.5 seconds. Although it is not designed for road racing, it is confident and frisky on a highway. Fuel efficiency of the "Mercedes" C-class with average consumption of 6.7 liters per 100 km results from a number of implemented engineering innovations.


"Mercedes" C-class is a graceful “aristocratic” car. Exclusive design of the hood, bumper and headlights equipped with daytime running lights capture all the attention, not to mention the additional feature - LED taillights. In spite of an elegant exterior, this car is adventure-ready, and it will take you on a speedy ride. The exterior of this C-class model has a moderate accent that yet gives away the high-speed quality of this automobile.
Spacious and cozy salon with top-quality finish and ideal lines and details of the dashboard will satisfy the highest expectations. A convenient location of control buttons will assist in navigation. Those who love comfort will, without a doubt, appreciate this car.